Can I ride alone or with a friend/girlfriend If I purchased an online deal through Groupon, Travel Zoo, Living Social or other social media?
NO. Deals offered through social medias require you to be accompanied by a staff member at all times.
Can more than one person use the same voucher?
NO. Deals cannot be split to share the miles or time with someone else.
How old do I have to be to drive?
For deals purchased online, 21. Regular rentals 25.
Do you require a security deposit?
Security deposit is only required for regular rentals, not online deals. Security deposit can range from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00, depending on the duration and the rented vehicle.
Do I need auto insurance in order to rent?
Insurance is required in order to rent any of our vehicles. A major auto insurance policy is preferred because it will cover the total value of the vehicle in the event of an accident. If you have auto insurance we require that you have full comprehensive and collision coverage with limits of 100/100/100. If you have minimal coverage, we ask that you increase it for the duration of your rental. If you are an international costumer or are without insurance here in the United States, we may or may not rent to you; an increased security deposit will be required.
Do you sell insurance to costumers?
NO. We do not sell insurance. If you do not have a major auto insurance policy in the United States, a higher security deposit will be required in order to rent.
Can me and my 3 friends drive the car if I rent it?
Yes. There is an additional fee for each extra driver of $50.00 and each of them must have their proper insurance and sign the rental agreement. Maximum 3 drivers per car.
Can I cancel my rental or my online deal whenever I choose to?
You can cancel your rental or online deal but you are subject to our cancellation policy.
How many miles are included on my rental?
Depending on your deal or rental, miles can range from 20 to 100. Please inquire for your specific rental or deal.
Can the car be delivered to my hotel?
We can deliver our cars to your hotel or airport for an additional fee. Arrangements have to be made at least with in 48hrs in advance.
What happens if I get into an accident?
First, call 911 and obtain a police report. Second, call your insurance company to file a report. Third, call us to let us know and we'll inform you of the next step as soon as we get contacted by your insurance company.
What happens if the car becomes in operable?
Call your insurance company and have the car towed (must use a flat bed) to the address stated on your rental agreement. Once we have performed an evaluation and found the cause, we will inform you if any credit or fee will apply.